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Sarti is the perfect place for a holiday.

Look for great holidays to Greece and spend your getaway in the stunning place of Sarti. This place is a perfect destination for families and couples looking for a relaxing getaway that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The natural beauty and wonder of this place makes this a popular vacation spot for people having their getaway in Greece. There are definitely plenty of things and activities that you can do when you spend your holidays here.

There is something for everyone-old and young alike. It’s a safe hospitable place for families with children but it’s also great for couples or groups of friends too. Staying in Sarti offers you an opportunity to get to know the whole of Sithonia. Car Hire is reasonably cheap and there are so many beaches you can visit, Armenistis offers water sports in crystal clear turquoise waters.

You can also visit Banana beach or Portokali, then there’s Kavourotripes often described as Heaven on earth. You could also try Platanitsi beach with the well-known Africafe beach bar or even Klimataria with it’s white beach and lively restaurants and beach bars where the sea is always calm. Of course you might just want to spend your time relaxing, on Sarti beach there’s something everyone.

If you are in the mood for exploring there’s plenty to keep you occupied. You can visit the village of Vouvouro with it’s island’s or Toroni village where you can take in the castle. You can spend a day in Marmaras shopping, swimming or dining in one of the many restaurants. Also worth a visit arePorto Koufo Kalamitsi and Nikiti where Sithonian Honey is bottled.Another attraction is the casino at Porto Carras as well as the Carras wine estate.

Something that no-one should miss is the day-cruise around Mount Athos ,where the boat is often followed by dolphins, and you can see the most magnificent monastic architecture.The village travel agent also organizes swimming cruises, trips to Thessaloniki both for sightseeing and shopping or even to the waterpark. Also on offer is a trip to Meteora where you can visit monastries which are perched high up on the edges of cliffs-it has to be seen to be believed. To sum up there’s plenty to see and do in Sithonia but remember you are never far away from sandy beaches and crystal clear sea.

Distance from Greenotel to:
Thessaloniki Airport 135km taxi fare 120€
Thessaloniki Port 145km taxi fare 120€
Neos Marmaras 50km taxi fare 30€

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